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Synonyms for old house include antiquated house, historic house, broken-down house, dilapidated house, former house, last house, ramshackle house, run down house, tumbledown house and heritage building. Verb.

dilapidated house.


. . Run downSynonyms.

take care of the house.

run someone/something down ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, run someone/something down là gì: 1. blast. dilapidated state.

run-down. old house.


Run down house Synonyms.

old house. .

. exhausted.


have the house.

hack down.

. Synonyms for CHASE: out, dismiss, eject, banish, expel, cast out, kick out, sack; Antonyms of CHASE: take, receive, accept, admit, take in, welcome, entertain, shelter. 1.

definitions. keeping house. Log in. synonyms. house sitter.

historic house.

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Synonyms for RUN: jog, trot, race, sprint, hurry, speed, gallop, skip; Antonyms of RUN: stroll, drag, saunter, shuffle, amble, crawl, linger, creep.

under the weather.


weak structure.

- It was in this.